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Manalapan has a diverse selection on homes ranging from less expensive homes to some of the most lavish living spaces in New Jersey.

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Manalapan has a Monmouth Battlefield State Park which is a 1500+ acre park for the community’s leisure activities. This park was once a battleground of about 30,000 war engaging British and Continental troops. Park contains a visitor’s center, picnic table, and playgrounds for children who can visit from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Every year on June 17, Manalapan Day is celebrated in this park with events such as the re-enactment of the Monmouth battles of the past, dancing, and food festivals.

On Route 33, are located Wemroch Orchards and Battleview Orchards which are well known around the region for their farm-fresh apples, other fruits, and freshly bakes pies that sell in their farm stores.

The most commonly used park in Manalapan is the Manalapan Recreation Center which is a good 150-acre and contains nice soccer fields, six tennis courts, a roller hockey rink, six baseball diamonds, and several playgrounds for the community. There is also a farmhouse called the Dryer House, which locals and historians describe as being built in 1876 with the iconic 1811 scratches on of the windowpanes.

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Types of homes for sale in Manalapan NJ

There are no traditional apartment buildings in Manalapan since rentals are not easy pickings.

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